Is the capsule disposable? A: The capsules are disposable. You will get 20 disposable capsule per month (the dose is 5 capsules per week). The capsule are eliminated with your natural bowel movements.

Will I feel the vibrations? A: Based on clinical studies, the probability to feel vibration – is low (11% of the study patients, said “I think I felt a vibration”). Even in cases of vibration sensation reported, i.e. -“I think I felt it` – it did not bear any concern, pain or discomfort to patients and it is not […]

Our Return and Refund Policy A: We accept Vibrant Pod or capsule returns only after you, the original user, obtain our prior written or email return authorization. We authorize product returns and will refund the purchase price you paid (net of insurance contribution or reimbursement) only if: Our product does not meet our product warranty terms (found at […]

Our Warranty A: The expected life of the Vibrant Pod is at least 3 years. Vibrant warrants the Vibrant Pod against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, Vibrant will, at its discretion, replace (with a new or recertified Pod, at Vibrant’ discretion) […]

What does the Vibrant system include? A: When you receive for the first time Vibrant, an innovative drug-free chronic constipation treatment, you get a starter kit.Inside the starter kit, you will find a multi-use activation pod for patients to use at home, disposable drug-free capsules for one month’s use, and an accompanying app for patients to fill in an e-diary. […]

How long does it take for it to start working? A: In the phase 3 clinical trial, patients experienced clinical response within one week and statistically significant response within 3 weeks. The results were sustained throughout the 8 weeks of treatment duration. Please adhere to the treatment as your physician prescribed and discuss any questions or concerns with them.

How does Vibrant treatment work? A: Vibrant’s uses gentle vibrations to stimulate the colon mechanically, causing the colon to contract and effectively propel its contents. The colon’s biological clock appears to be altered in patients with chronic idiopathic constipation Vibrant’s timed stimulation is optimized to deliver vibrations based on these alterations, which helps the colon contract mechanically in synch […]

How is the Vibrant treatment different from other constipation treatments? A: Instead of moving contents by flooding the colon, as laxatives and some prescription medication do, which can result in unpleasant and unpredictable diarrhea – Vibrant uses a different approach. The drug-free Vibrant capsule sends out micro-vibrations through your colon. This signals the colon to move its contents through, just as it is supposed […]

What is Vibrant? A: Vibrant is a different approach to constipation relief – Vibrant is an FDA-cleared, drug-free, state-of-the-art treatment for adult Chronic Idiopathic Constipation. When you take a drug-free Vibrant capsule, it sends out micro-vibrations through your colon. This signals the colon to move its contents through, just as it is supposed to4. Less straining, more […]

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