Vibrant Capsule

The Vibrant capsule provides chemical-free and safe treatment for patients suffering from constipation.
The capsules, mechanically operated, aid in treating constipated patients without side effects.
Constipation relief is achieved by the capsule’s vibrations on the large intestinal wall, consequently inducing natural peristaltic activity, generating spontaneous additional bowel movement.
Vibrant capsule is easy to swallow. The capsule is controlled through algorithms, predefined by Vibrant’s R&D and gastroenterologist.
The capsule is activated by a base unit that transfers the data of the predefined algorithm into the capsule, before swallowing it.
The capsule operates inside the large intestine and is washed out of the body with the bowel movement.
The mechanical capsule meets the highest safety standards, using biocompatible materials.
Vibrant Capsule

Base Unit