Chronic Idiopathic
Constipation (CIC)

A non-drug system to relief

Chronic Idiopathic
Constipation (CIC)

A non-drug system to relief
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Vibrant has pioneered the Self-Activation solution™ for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) relief. An innovative and clinically-proven treatment system, Vibrant activates and synchronizes your biological clock without the use of drugs.
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The Vibrant Treatment

Constipation is not just about the gut…

The Biological Clock-Brain connection is a scientifically established way of understanding the bowel function4,5.
When the Biological Clock rhythm is not synchronized, constipation can happen.

Vibrant synchronizes the biological clock, helping the patient’s body do what it already knows, with a non-drug approach to treat constipation symptoms naturally and effectively.

The system makes your bowel movements more predictable, helping you regain your quality of life.

Clinical Centers in the US

Vibrant is conducting a clinical study in the U.S. to evaluate its investigational treatment for constipation in adult patients who have not experienced relief of their symptoms from available therapies.

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